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Which of these 3 Disney Flutists Would I Want in My Flute Section?

Updated: Jan 18

If you're a flute player and a Disney fan, chances are you're familiar with the movie "Cinderella" for the scene where Cinderella's evil stepsisters get into a fight with a flute. I recently re-watched the movie, and it got me thinking... are there any other Disney characters that play the flute?

It turns out there are a few Disney characters that do... and some are better than others. Join me as I assess each character's technique and decide who would I would want in my flute section.

Donald Duck

Plays flute backwards and with the wrong hand position, yet somehow maintains good tone... who taught him to play? And that ending trill - fingers are way too high, negatively impacting efficiency and speed. However, 10/10 for maintaining composure and a good sound even when things are being thrown at him.

His uncalled-for theatrics would get old after a while.

Positives: Decent tone and good stage presence. Would stay calm and have your back if you accidentally missed your entrance.

Negatives: All that excessive body movement would get pretty distracting. Seems like a show-off who would resent playing 2nd flute.

Anastasia Tremaine

Here we see that Anastasia owns an open hole flute but clearly did not practice taking out the plugs one by one, or just severely neglected to practice with proper finger placement. She seems really focused, but at the cost of both ensemble and bodily awareness; I would not want to be sitting next to her in orchestra. Also, her tone is really strident, which would not blend well.

If this is happening to you, talk to your teacher.

Positives: Gets really into the music. Seems open to creative ensemble ideas, such as flute/voice/piano.

Negatives: Tone and technique. Lack of musical awareness; doubtful if you could rely on her to be your #2 in Faun, Daphnis, Moldau, or any other piece with important interplay between two flutes. Also, she used her flute as a weapon.

Fifer Pig

Honestly, impressive. Gives off major marching band vibes. He has good articulation, and his technique is decent - though I would have liked to see his fingers a remain a little closer to the keys. He plays his duet in tune with Fiddler Pig, which suggests he'd be good in an ensemble.

Don't rest your flute on a chair like this. Get a flute stand, bro!

Positives: Plays in tune, good tone. Winning personality.

Negatives: Because he didn't bother to invest in a flute stand, he'll probably ask you "Can you hold my flute" at least once every rehearsal. Also, relentlessly chipper attitude might get kind of annoying to sit next to.

In conclusion

The clear winner for me is Fifer Pig. He seems the most musically well-rounded... and potentially the least obnoxious to sit next to in band or orchestra.

However, I would not replace my current flute section. I have learned that people's personalities affect both quality of musicianship, and morale. I'm so thankful that my section consists of genuinely kind people.

Thankful for my solid and drama-free PSO flute section!

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