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Teaching Philosophy

Develop Great Flutists

I believe that artistic freedom stems from technical proficiency, which is why I assign weekly scales, etudes, and solo music. Students will be exposed to traditional classical flute repertoire and exercises, but I also encourage my students to seek out music they want to learn to play, as this helps them take ownership of their musicianship.

Instill a Lifelong Love of Music

It is important to me that my students grow to be lifelong appreciators of all kinds of music. I'm particularly interested in discovering what kinds of music my students are passionate about, whether it be classical or jazz or music from a video game soundtrack. No matter the genre, I want my students to be able to both appreciate and speak knowledgeably about music that excites them.

My goal as a teacher is to...

Encourage Holistic Musicianship

I aim to develop well-rounded musicians. In addition to their flute-specific studies, students will also complete written music theory homework, aural skills exercises, and listening journals. Students also have access to monthly studio newsletters which contain articles on broader topics of musicianship, including practice tips, performance etiquette, networking, and more.

Develop Good Stewards of Talent

I see performance as a way to share with the audience the beauty and joy of music, rather than a mere display of technique or virtuosity. For this reason, I highly encourage all of my students to participate in studio recitals and join a performance group (band, orchestra, flute choir, etc) where they will get to perform with and for others.

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