Flute Lessons

Weekly private flute lessons are a great way for students of all ages to learn the flute repertoire and improve their musical skills, whether you are just beginning flute or preparing for college auditions. I will always work with each individual student to address his or her musical goals and specific needs. Lessons are offered in different durations, depending on the student's age and needs: 30 minutes for beginning and younger students, 45 minutes for intermediate students, and 60 minutes for advanced students. Lessons are given in my home studio, and new students may begin at anytime. The first trial lesson is free! Please contact me for availability and rates.


Studio Policies

to make everyone's life easier.


Tuition for the entire month’s lessons is due at the first lesson of every month and will cover all the lessons scheduled for that month. Tuition received after the first lesson of the month is subject to a late fee of $10.00. In the case of a missed lesson or holiday at the end of the month, your payment is still due on time. Payment may be delivered in cash, check, or electronically. Full tuition is expected each month whether or not the student attends all lessons.


Attending lessons on a regular weekly basis is important for a student’s improvement. I expect that my students will attend their lessons every week.

Lessons will not be given during the following holidays:

Christmas/New Year
Spring Break

(I will try my best to follow the district calendar. Exact dates TBD).

Make-up lessons are available whenever a lesson must be cancelled more than 24-hours’ in advance, within reason and according to my availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Make-ups should be used sparingly, and abuse of this policy will not be tolerated. 

If there is an emergency or illness, the student is entitled to a make-up lesson even without 24-hour notice. Please notify me of cancellations or changes by phone or email only.

If for any reason I need to cancel a lesson, either a make­up lesson will be scheduled or you will be credited the cost of that lesson.


Practicing is required of all students and fosters discipline and commitment. Everything covered in the lesson must be reinforced at home through regular practice. Each student must determine the proper length of time each week according to their needs and assignments. Habitual lack of practice may result in dismissal from my studio.


The student is responsible for obtaining all necessary items and bringing them to each lesson: 

  1. A working flute

  2. A tuner and metronome (phone apps work great! I use Tunable, which has both a metronome and tuner)

  3. Assignment binder, which I will provide at the first lesson

  4. Music books (recommended books should be purchased prior to the following lesson)

If assistance is needed to obtain these materials, please contact me outside of lesson times by email or phone.


Learning to perform in public is an important part of every musician's education. My goal is to have my students perform two recitals a year - once in the winter and once in the spring. I encourage my students to participate in the Recitals for the following reasons:

  1. It is important to learn to set long-term goals as musicians. Working towards the Recitals will not only give students a goal, but also a sense of achievement when they perform.

  2. Attending the Recitals will allow students to support and inspire each other and be exposed to new repertoire and new musical ideas.